Cabinet doors are the statement pieces of your kitchen decor.  They set the tone for your overall style and vibe, so it’s important to know your options.  Here are a few of the most popular cabinet door styles and the decorating themes they embody:


This style is the most common one found in kitchens today, both for its utility and eclectic style.  Its simple, clean lines send itself to both contemporary and traitional decor.  It consists of 5 pieces, with 4 pieces on the frame and one center flat panel as the fifth.  It can come in a variety of woods and finishes and can  fit a variety of budgets.


Like the slab doors, these also have a clean look.  The center panel is flat with raised edges, giving it a sleek look popular with modern styles.  The hard lines and minimalist form also make it a great option for contemporary decor.  This style can even work with traditional decorating.  It is usually made of wood or laminate, which can be less expensive and comes in a wide variety of colors and sheen options.


With this classic style, the cabinet rests on the inside of the frame as opposed to most doors that rest on the outside of the frame.  Inset doors usually have exposed hinges.  They are constructed with very precise measurements so that the doors nest perfectly within the frame as they are opened and closed.  This style goes well with traditional decor, although it can work with modern as well  It does tend to be more expensive than other styles.

These are just a few popular styles to choose from when it comes to cabinet doors. Since cabinet doors are one of the most visible pieces of decor in your kitchen, they should be chosen carefully. It’s important to find ones that depict your own personal style and compliment the overall theme of your kitchen and home. American Finishers would love to be your personal assistant in choosing the cabinet doors that best fit you. Please peruse our custom cabinet page or contact us today to get advice on your new cabinets!

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