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25 02, 2014

Basement Remodeling Project in Oswego, IL

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Last fall our team at American Finishers took part in a unique basement remodeling project in Oswego, Il.

The existing basement had dark paneling, little storage and dated flooring. Although there was a decent amount of square footage, the existing configuration made it feel cramped and unusable.

Our team removed some walls and brightened things up with new drywall, trim, and ceilings. You’ll also notice new wainscot and tile flooring throughout.








The homeowners loved to entertain , so we added some booths and a backlit bar top to give it the feel they wanted.


If you’re considering a basement remodeling project and would like to talk to one of our designers please click the link to set up your Free Consultation!








20 02, 2014

What Makes a Good Remodeling Contractor?

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Do a Google search of ‘what makes a good remodeling contractor’ and you’ll find responses from many different types of websites.

HGTV, HOUZZ & Angie’s List will tell you things like:

  • Ask for local referrals
  • Get an itemized proposal so you can make easy adjustments
  • Make sure the contract specifies the exact materials to be used
  • Make sure there are design plans drawn up

Remodeling contractor websites will also weigh in on what makes a good contractor:

  • Are they part of ‘XYZ’ Association of Contractors?
  • Do they have a consistent workforce that’s been with them for a solid amount of time?
  • Do they have x amount of experience working on projects just like yours?

On and on the opinions go. And, yes, many of those recommendations are spot on. But, there is a problem […]

3 02, 2014

Naperville Basement Remodeling Project

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Imagine a nice night at the movies…while you’re at home! In this Naperville basement remodeling project we brought the big screen into the comfort of our clients’ home.

naperville basement remodeling

Going to the movies can’t be any more convenient than this! Imagine walking down into your basement on a Friday night, lounging in your leather theater chairs and enjoying the latest movies, streamed into your home. No more $12 tickets or $50 at the concession stand!

naperville basement remodelingThis Naperville family will enjoy the convenience of their own stocked Wet Bar and the option to pause the movie in case they need the […]

31 07, 2012

Remodeling Ideas for Your Loft

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When looking for remodeling ideas for your home don’t forget the Loft.  Too often this room is the last to get attention when updating the home because it isn’t a formal destination for family activity.

Here’s a before and after shot of a Loft we updated. Before our designers and craftsmen got their hands on it, the room was a 18’x13′ dark and outdated space with an 8′ high ceiling.

After two weeks of planning, we began demolition and construction of this new space. First, we raised the ceiling another 4′ and removed the old paneled closet. We also installed the skylights to add some life to the space.

Finally, we refinished the hardwood floors, refreshed the wood work, installed the decorative beams and painted the walls […]

31 07, 2012

How Much Does Basement Finishing Cost?

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One of the most commonly asked question we get at American Finishers is “How much does basement finishing cost?” Although we can offer some fairly specific ranges for you, the best answer we can provide today is “It depends.”

There are more than 100,000 searches done each month online where people like you are asking the same question. In this short article we will give you the 2 main factors to consider when looking for a cost to finish your basement. Although the “it depends’ answer is true, the cost of the project is mostly in your hands as the homeowner.

Not Every Home is the Same

Drive up and down the street and you’ll see Tri-Level Homes, Standard Ranch Homes, Raised Ranch Homes, Victorians, Colonials, Bungalow’s, […]