What Makes a Good Remodeling Contractor?

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Do a Google search of ‘what makes a good remodeling contractor’ and you’ll find responses from many different types of websites.

HGTV, HOUZZ & Angie’s List will tell you things like:

  • Ask for local referrals
  • Get an itemized proposal so you can make easy adjustments
  • Make sure the contract specifies the exact materials to be used
  • Make sure there are design plans drawn up

Remodeling contractor websites will also weigh in on what makes a good contractor:

  • Are they part of ‘XYZ’ Association of Contractors?
  • Do they have a consistent workforce that’s been with them for a solid amount of time?
  • Do they have x amount of experience working on projects just like yours?

On and on the opinions go. And, yes, many of those recommendations are spot on. But, there is a problem […]